The Melvins – Le Bataclan Paris september 19th 2015

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Buzzo - Lost and Foundation


Like a baby!

We’ve been facing the Melvins 9 months ago and after a long long wait we finally present you, 9 months later ,two songs  taken from the full show at The Bataclan in Paris on last september 2015.

It took some time for us to end this project. For many reasons.

One of these is that

we didn’t had the agreement to propose you the complete gig

but only 3 (fucking lil’) minutes!…   well…  a half song indeed

The events of last November were also a difficulty for us. What can we do with this full montage?


drums 03

Anyway…  baby came out

The Twins

« Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad » and « Water Glass »

just for you guys

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  1. Music2020
    29 novembre 2016

    J’y étais! Super concert, belles images.


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