Zu – le Petit Bain Paris April 19th 2017

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Discretely…   Quickly…..   and Quietly! Yesterday, during this moment when France was celebrating (or not!..) a new « Président de la République » we decided with democratic respect to take the power of art and specially music « savoir faire ». Please, do not wait any longer, go to our Zu video page and enjoy the last show we filmed […]

The Melvins – Le Bataclan Paris september 19th 2015

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  Like a baby! We’ve been facing the Melvins 9 months ago and after a long long wait we finally present you, 9 months later ,two songs  taken from the full show at The Bataclan in Paris on last september 2015. It took some time for us to end this project. For many reasons. One […]

Dub Trio – France 2014

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To celebrate the past ten years playing together Joe, DP and Stu came for their first show in Paris, Le Petit Bain. We were there, very close to the band, and we bring you some nice footage of this sunny day with them. Let’s start with a clip released during the sound checks and let […]

Secret Chiefs 3 vs Mood 2012

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Verrons nous les Secret Chiefs 3 cette année?   Nous avions pris pour habitude de les croiser deux à trois fois par an, et nous attendions leur venue comme des chiens derrière la porte lorsqu’ils entendent le tintement des clés à l’autre bout de la rue… Après une année d’abstinence (2013) la nouvelle annoncée par […]

Dub Trio 10th Anniversary Tour

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Lost and Foundation sera présent au Petit Bain Paris 13 pour le passage de Dub Trio le 01 avril 2014. www.dubtrio.com Date Venue Location   Apr 01 Petit Bain Paris, France   Apr 02 VK Brussels, Belgium   Apr 03 LE SILEX Auxerre, France   Apr 04 Block 33 Thessaloniki, Greece   Apr 05 LabArt […]